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Congratulations to Zora Hoare, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP.

By March 2, 2020 No Comments

Congratulations to Zora Hoare, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional).  Another proud moment for Lynn Hunsaker and myself as we continue to uplift the CX capability of CX leaders across Australia through the CXPA accredited Customer Experience Excellence Course.  I recently caught up with Zora to understand her methodology in preparing for the CCXP exam and what being accredited means to her and her organisation.


What does having the CCXP accreditation mean to you and your organisation?

Customer Experience is a complex multifaceted discipline. By preparing for the CCXP accreditation, I was able to gain more understanding across all six key competencies that drive great Customer Experience and apply these learnings to our Customer Experience strategy at eNett International.


How has it made a difference to you professionally and personally?

It’s been valuable to expand my knowledge across the key CX competencies and apply new learnings in my role. Since joining the CXPA Melbourne Network, I have really enjoyed connecting with other CX professionals globally and learning about their best practices and approaches to CX and EX.


What was your preparation method?

Considering the broad scope of six core competencies for the CCXP accreditation, I benefited from 3 main learning sources. Firstly, I found useful attending an interactive Customer Experience Excellence Course led by two CX gurus, Lynn Hunsaker and Anita Siassios. The course covered a comprehensive overview of the core six CX competencies including plenty of useful case studies, practical exercises and reference materials. Secondly, I gained lots of practical knowledge whilst leading our CX transformation journey at eNett where I have been exploring and evolving various CX & EX initiatives over the last three years. And lastly, connecting and learning from CX experts around the globe has been very valuable as well.


What advice would you give for those aspiring to become a CCXP?

It’s such a great way to learn and be accredited for your CX knowledge and application of a globally recognised holistic CX framework that mitigates the risk of adhoc CX experiences for employees and customers.


About Zora Hoare

Currently Head of Customer Experience eNett International and is an active member of the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association).  Zora has over 15 years of experience working for global organisations in Consulting and Financial Services in United Kingdom and Australia. She has led global business transformation programs focused on improving customer and employee experience whilst driving commercial goals. In her current role at eNett International, Zora is the Head of Customer and Employee Experience in the Experience team which includes HR, Marketing and Insights functions. Zora was awarded as a finalist ‘CX Leader of the Year’ in 2019 by an international MyCustomer.com forum.