CX Transformation Beginners Course


Our CX Transformation Course is led by  Anita Siassios, CCXP, Experience Economy  Certified Expert and great CX thought leader  Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP, CXPA Recognised  Training Provider, providing combined 30+ years of global CX experience across industries.


Each week the course will extensively focus on mastering your skills and knowledge aligned to the CCXP competencies and your individual  Personalised GAP Assessment completed post enrolment. The group discussion and application of topic mastery questions will ensure effective understanding of these competencies. The weekly 1:1 coaching and study groups will further support this understanding maximise the learning experience.

The CXT Beginners Course will be run over 5 weeks on Saturday beginning February 26 2022.
Week 1 – Saturday February 26
Week 2 – Saturday March 05
Week 3 – Saturday March 12
Week 4 – Saturday March 19
Week 5 – Saturday March 26