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Anita Siassios

Managing Director

Anita Siassios is a consultant and speaker on customer experience – Anita’s passion is connecting customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth.

With over 30 years’ experience in customer-led growth, her expertise stretches across the globe in Small Business, Retail, Finance and Technology and includes work in the finance, professional services, retail, health, communications and not-for-profit sectors.

Anita’s consulting work and professional speaking is designed to create and sustain a customer-centric culture, build team capability and help transform customer experiences.

She is certified customer experience professional, a member of the CXPA, a winner of the CPXA 2018 Extra Mile Award and a judge at the International Customer Experience Awards.

Professional Association

The team at ManagingCX are active members of the Customer Experience Professionals Association( CXPA) and contribute to growing the CX discipline and profession internationally.

Anita is the CXPA Melbourne Network Lead and represents Australia on the CXPA International Board providing input into the development of the CX discipline as well as raising awareness of the great work being done by our local CX practitioners.


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I was fortunate to have been a participant in the first CXPA Authorised Customer Experience Excellence Course offered in Australia by Anita of ManagingCX and Lynn Hunsaker of ClearAction. The course was cleverly created to support deep learning across all pillars of the Customer performance domains with teaching, materials supplied and resources suggested for further learning all rated 10/10 giving immediate value! Thank you, thank you, thank you Anita and Lynn, you have fast tracked my learning in all things Customer and pulled the covers back on Customer truths with depth and practical meaning.

Vanessa BedelisManager Customer Experience Strategy

The CX Excellence Course provided a wealth of information that consolidated and extended both my theoretical and practical knowledge of CX. The facilitators are hugely knowledgeable and very generous in sharing their experience and materials. The course provides fantastic online resources which will be a very useful reference point in future. I highly recommend this course for current and aspiring CX leaders and practitioners.

Jenny HunterProduct Director

Within the first week of the course I was able to start applying the learnings in my organisation. The list of resources provided was exhausting and helped me understand that the work needed to become an expert in CXM is overwhelming Lynn’s knowledge is amazing and her confidence infectious. Anita is totally dedicated, knowledgeable and so humble. This course is essential for understanding the disciplines required for world class CXM

Ian StokolCustomer Experience Design Lead