ManagingCX Australia

ManagingCX offer transformational CX training and coaching based upon learning methods of Mastery and Personalised System of Instruction.

Why Choose Us?

Powered by our CX training and coaching, you can can make a difference, engage your organisation, further your career and drive meaningful change on behalf of your customers.


Are you looking to transition to a career in Customer Experience Management?


Are you looking to identify performance gaps and action improvements?


Are you looking for guidance to create positive impact for your customers?

CX Transformation Course:

Our CX Transformation Course is delivered via a blended learning model combining the best of digital classroom flexibility with industry leading personalised mentorship.

Tailored For You

Personalised CX skills GAP Assessment and learning plan.

Course Program 

6 Week blended learning program deep diving into the CX competencies, with tangible, personalised outcomes for each student in every module.

Guest Leader Sessions

International guest leader sessions will inspire you and further the CX transformation you are undertaking.

CX Leader Plans

The end of the course is just the beginning with 30, 60 and 90 day action plans delivered to students following certification.