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Congratulations to Jenny Hunter, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP.

By May 25, 2021 No Comments

Congratulations to Jenny Hunter, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional).  Another proud moment for the team at ManagingCX as we continue to uplift the CX capability of CX leaders across Australia through the CXPA accredited Customer Experience Excellence Course.  We recently caught up with Jenny to understand her methodology in preparing for the CCXP exam and what being accredited means to her and her organisation.

What does have the CCXP accreditation mean to you and your organisation?

For me it means I have an independent qualification to support my claims of being a customer experience professional. For my organisation, it is a sign of their commitment to customer experience and expanding the capabilities and practices in-house.

How has it made a difference to you professionally and personally?

Having done the study (and it’s about the learning journey, not just the exam), it’s given me more confidence in what I can offer and apply in my work and in the industry more broadly. I can definitely see the benefits of having a mix of practical skills alongside a strong theoretical grounding. It has also given me more motivation to continue leading and learning in this field.

What preparation advice would you give for those aspiring to become a CCXP?

Definitely try and work in customer experience before taking it on. A lot of content seems logical but is actually based on the accumulation of knowledge by working in the field. Also, join networks and engage with people from all sorts industries. There’s also meet ups, chat rooms, podcasts, training courses and other fabulous material that will help you along the way. The exam covers a broad array of capabilities, beyond just pure customer experience, so the learning and preparation is not to be underestimated.

During your experience learning from Anita and Lynn, what was the thing you enjoyed or benefitted from the most?

Anita and Lynn’s incredible generosity in sharing resources and commitment to developing the capability and standards of the industry as a whole. Anita is amazing at supporting you through the journey, organising network events and celebrating successes. The group discussions in the training course are also immensely valuable.   The materials provided in the course are a gold mine of useful information. They are a very handy reference, not just for study, but for work in general.

Jenny is currently Head of Digital Products & Customer Experience at VicRoads and has previously held roles Bureau of Meteorology where she headed up Digital Services and User-Centred Design.