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Congratulations to Lindsay Carapella, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP.

By April 30, 2021 No Comments

Congratulations to Lindsay Carapella, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional).  Another proud moment for the team at ManagingCX as we continue to uplift the CX capability of CX leaders across Australia through the CXPA accredited Customer Experience Excellence Course.  We recently caught up with Lindsay to understand her methodology in preparing for the CCXP exam and what being accredited means to her and her organisation.

What does having the CCXP accreditation mean to you and your organisation? 

Having this accreditation now after being a CX professional for over 6 years, is wonderful recognition. Being certified with the CXPA will support my continued exploration into bettering the broad range of CX strategies utilised across my organisation and help me keep a pulse on what is emerging and best practice in CX.

How has it made a difference to you professionally and personally

Gaining this accreditation, and participating in the Customer Experience Excellence Course, led by Lynn Hunsaker and Anita Siassios, has opened up a network to me of likeminded CX professionals, which supports an ongoing learning. It has helped me apply the experience I have had in CX over the years to new industries and customers and career prospects.

What preparation advice would you give for those aspiring to become a CCXP?

I do recommend consolidating your knowledge and experience by participating in the CX Excellence Course as it targets six key competencies of CX. Alongside this, doing research, exploring case studies and workshopping with other CX professionals, it was key for me to prepare by taking a holistic and critical eye to current state of CX at my organisation. This supported putting theory into practice and helped me understand where I had gaps in my knowledge and experience. Also, leaning on Anita’s guidance in our post course catch ups helped build my confidence and put my best foot forward to completing the exam.

About Lindsay Carapella 

Former Insights Product Manager of Stellar a leading customer experience management organisation, operating across Australia, Asia, North America and Africa. Who design and deploy solutions in contact centre outsourcing and Customer Management, CX Consulting, Intelligent Automation and Analytics.

Lindsay has over 12 years of experience in Customer Experience having held various roles across call centre environment, training, quality and compliance, operations and Customer Experience.

Lindsay’s dedication to become and expert in CX was second to none and we look forward to seeing Lindsay’s journey progress throughout her career. Congratulations Lindsay.