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Congratulations to Magda Prada Australia’s Most Recent Accredited CCXP

By January 11, 2022 No Comments

Congratulations to Magda Prada, Australia’s most recent accredited CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional). Another proud moment for the team at ManagingCX as we continue to uplift the CX capability of CX leaders across Australia through the CXPA accredited Customer Experience Excellence Course. We recently caught up with Magda to understand her methodology in preparing for the CCXP exam and what being accredited means to her and her organisation.

What does having the CCXP accreditation mean to you and your organisation?

The accreditation substantiates my efforts to become a knowledgeable and experienced professional in this field. The accreditation inspires me to continue learning and sharing experiences with a great network of customer enthusiasts spread across the globe.

This helps me build up credibility in my organisation, it gives me confidence and a structure I can rely on.

How has it made a difference to you personally?

Immersing in the CX disciplines is a fascinating journey that has changed the way I prioritise the work I do. I think of ‘Customers first’ before starting any project I embark on.

It has enriched my conversations with colleagues, given us a clear direction and course of action.

What preparation advice would you give for those aspiring to become a CCXP?

I would strongly recommend reviewing the course modules and materials provided as part of the CX training course with Anita Siassios, CCXP and Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP. The modules are tailored to describe in depth each of the CX disciplines with a very practical approach. They narrow down the concepts into sections with case studies and practical examples.Secondly, try to put the theory in perspective by asking how you could implement the CX framework in your organisation or how does it apply to what is already in place. Whether you are starting or already have a bit of experience in CX, understanding the concepts is best when you apply them to your own reality.
There are many resources out there so a good combination of podcasts, key books and the advice of a CXPA mentor will set you up for success.

How would you describe your learning journey with Anita and Lynn?

I’ve been very fortunate with the mentoring and advice from Anita and Lynn, they have a wealth of knowledge and proactively guide you along the way.
Doing the course via ManagingCX provided me with personalised guidance above and beyond the CX technicalities such as CX Career path planning, thought leadership and access to CX research that has up levelled my knowledge and expertise.


Magda is currently Customer Experience Marketing Manager at Weir Minerals.

Being immersed in the Customer Experience management field over the last few years of Magda’s time at Weir, have taught her a lot about the power of Marketing and the importance of a customer centric mindset.

Magda enjoys learning new ways of applying Marketing and amplifying a brand’s voice. Delivering strategic communications based on a deep understanding of prospects and customers she says ‘is an art’ that requires continuous learning. Congratulations Magda!